Our ties
Blue SPORTS tie

Blue SPORTS tie


Aims and Objects
  1. Not to develop the acquaintance of young men.
  2. To emphasise the fact the one's calling offers an excellent opportunity.
  3. To cultivate the highest ideals in gastronomy and viniphilology.
  4. To recognise the worthiness of friendship.
  5. To further the establishment of international relations.
  6. To further these objects by not having lectures, discussions nor having to degozz the beard.
  • The first secretary of the Praesidium - Dennis Stuart
  • Emperor and Keeper of the Knife - Keith Taylor
  • Wine monitor - Keith "Fingers" Barnard
  • Keeper of the Bikaner Sling Forks - Major Baker
  • The House Committee will consist of the Founder Members
  • The Membership Committee will consist of the Founder Members

Founder Members
  • David Avery RIP
  • David Baker
  • Keith Barnard RIP
  • Lyndon Palmer
  • Dennis Stuart
  • Keith Taylor
  • Chantry Ward
  • Mike Ricketts
  • Nigel Davies
  • Jeremy Fisher
  • Cyril Davey
  • John Limburne
  • James Fullarton
  • Alan Moore
  • Jim Henry

  • Will be by invitation of the Founder Members
  • Will be on the last Friday of every month, or on other dates as decided by the House Committee.The meetings will consist of: Founder Members, Members and Guests
Points to remember
  • A gentleman.........
  • Never pours his own wine
  • Always asks for The Wilsons before breaking wind
  • Uses The Major's Tube when reminiscing
  • Has his SPORTS Club tie about his person at all meetings
  • Takes the weight on his elbows
  • Note: Transgressions may be liable to trial by Courts-Martial